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Real-Time School Bus Tracking.

Real-time information on the location, speed, and route of the school bus, allows school administrators and parents to monitor the safety of the journey.

Traffic Light Detection & Recognition

Using AI cameras to detect and recognize traffic lights in real-time help improve road safety by reducing the risk of accidents caused by drivers running red lights or failing to obey traffic signals.

Lane Departure Warning

Detect road lanes and help vehicles operate safely within the lanes. This technology can help prevent lane departure accidents, which are a common cause of road crashes, and can also help reduce driver fatigue and distraction.

Driver performance monitoring

Monitor the behavior of the school bus driver, such as sudden braking, acceleration, or excessive speed, and provide feedback to the driver to help improve their driving skills.

Passenger safety systems

Help ensure the safety of school bus riders by providing features such as AI cameras, full bus scanning, and emergency communication systems.


Real time location of school buses. Access information through a user-friendly interface on your smartphone or Tablet.


Keep Parents directly informed and notified easily of delays, whilst allowing school’s to manage and control emergency situations efficiently. Allows bus assistant to privately notify school bus coordinator of emergency events directly through customized push notifications.


With, the school can send messages and push notifications directly to the parent app. This helps the school notify parents or guardians of potential delays en route or other relevant information.

Route changes/absence

With, parents can request an absence for their child. They can do this simply through their mobile app, knowing this will immediately alert the school administrator.


A complete and real-time connection between the bus, the school and the guardians/parents to have the location of the buses and kids up-to-date. Want to know how it works?