Our Team = Your Team

Experience, Rigour, and a User-Centric Approach.

Who We Are

Our company is dedicated to improving cybersecurity for our clients by providing expert user behavior analysis. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team of professionals work together to analyze and understand user behavior help identify potential threats, and provide actionable insights to secure our clients’ systems and data. Whether it’s monitoring employee activity or tracking unusual behavior patterns, we strive to deliver the highest level of security and protection. 

Cyber Security

enhance cybersecurity posture, protect systems and data, and respond effectively to security incidents

How It Works

Incident prioritization

Greater risks receives greater criticality, guiding the SOC’s response and reducing the impact of each threat.

Behavior Analysis

Our UEBA automatically learns organizational behavior improvizing threat visibility by immediately notifying SOCs of suspicious deviations from the norm.

Threat hunting

Easily seek and investigate threats lurking in your network with out-of-the-box pattern identification capabilities.

Task automation

Our SOAR gives analysts confidence that incidents are properly dealt with while reducing security team alert fatigue.